Back Pain tips

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We live in a society where a host of diseases plague us from time to time. Back pain, according to statistics, is the fifth most common reason why people schedule a meeting with their family doctor or their physician. You will be amazed to discover that three out of four people complain about having back pains.

Usually, back pain may be relieved by a series of simple treatments, especially if the pain is not that severe. You really don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on surgery to reduce the intensity of pain that you feel in your back.

Some simple, free measures of curbing back pain include:

- Exercise: Sometimes, a series of good old stretches can help ease the pain in your back. Doctors actually recommend back stretching exercise as a remedy for back pain and to offer the patient some measure of relief, no matter how short lived it might be. Conducting back stretching exercises may be hard at first but as you proceed with persistence, you will discover that your back becomes more flexible and your normal mobility will be restored.

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- Bed rest: Prior to scientific studies, it was believed that back pain could be relieved with a bed rest remedy. Data collected from scientific research proves otherwise. You actually risk the stiffening of your back muscles if you lie down in bed for a long while. Bed rest is usually recommended for those who experience acute back pain that may limit mobility and a maximum of two days is usually the advised length of bed rest. So, get rest if you doctor recommends it, otherwise, stay out of bed!

- Move around: Most back pain patients are usually advised to continue their normal activities in spite of any back pain they may be experiencing. Putting a halt to all your normal activities will only worsen the pain. Remember, movement is tantamount to exercise.

- Cold compresses: You may find temporary relief from your back pain by using cold or ice packs on the areas of pain. Though scientific data to support the effectiveness of this remedy is inconclusive, many patients testify to feeling a release in pain after applying cold compresses on their backs.